When the Silk Road was born, it’s the first thing that comes to mind for Thai citizens to think about when thinking about Thailand’s future

When I started this column in 2006, the Silk Route was a concept I had never even thought of.

I was working for a Thai newspaper and the idea that we’d be writing about a country with a gold rush of a thousand years and the Silk Roads and other ancient Chinese-owned roads had been built to bring trade and commerce to this country.

It was a fascinating idea, but the idea of a country that had a goldrush of a million years and had a massive infrastructure of over two thousand miles of roads was just too incredible to even think about.

I’m a foreigner who lives in Thailand, but I grew up in a country where I saw so much of the world, and the roads were always a mystery to me.

It’s hard to explain to people what the Silk roads and ancient Silk Roads were all about, even though I’m the one that wrote about them in my first column.

When I started writing about this topic in the late 1990s, the government told me that they were going to take a long-term view on this, but then in 2011, the country announced that it was planning to end the Silk routes and invest $15 billion in roads and infrastructure.

So this idea was on the table for a while, but it didn’t go anywhere.

I was left wondering why.

The first thing I knew when I was going to start this column was that the Silk road is not going anywhere.

The government and people are going to keep it alive, because they have a strong belief that the economy is still growing and that it will continue to do so, despite a slowdown in the economy and the collapse of its traditional industries.

I’m not sure why.

There is a lot of talk about the Silk highway and the road system that goes through it being the future of Thailand, so it is a great symbol of the country.

However, I think people will keep it as a symbol of Thailand.

It’s a big part of Thailand’s identity, the people love it, and it’s a symbol for the Thai people.

When I say Thailand, I mean that it’s not just about what’s happening in the country, but also about who is Thai and what kind of a culture is it.

That’s what people really appreciate about this country, and when I talk about people being Thai and thinking of themselves as Thai, I am talking about a very proud and proud culture.

When you talk about Thailand, you don’t hear that it is just a country.

The people have to take care of themselves.

That means not only the economy, but that you have to be able to survive.

That is the key, and if you don`t have that, then you won`t be able survive.

In the past, when I would talk about what Thailand was, I would always say, I`m talking about the people.

This country has to be for the people and it has to stay for the future.

I`m really glad that the government and the people decided to invest this money in roads, because I think the road systems are a big asset for the country and it`s a very important thing.

The other thing is the people have come out in support of this idea.

I had a lot more support from the people, so I think it`ll be really hard for any opposition party to stop this.

It has also helped that the country has such a strong tradition of giving back to the people through the arts and culture.

When people talk about art and culture, that is what people want to hear.

I think that people are really excited about the idea and I think this will help.

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