Silk Road crash video shows ancient Silk Road accident

In a new video posted to YouTube on Saturday, a man wearing a white mask and carrying a black backpack is seen running down a street in the ancient city of Silk Road, Saudi Arabia, near the capital, Riyadh.

The video has since been viewed more than 7.4 million times.

In the video, the man, who is not identified, can be seen dragging a black-and-white photo from the city’s antiquities department and then walking it toward a building in a nearby alley.

The man then proceeds to walk up to a man who has his arms crossed.

As he approaches the man and starts to pull the photo out of his hands, the victim screams and shouts: “He killed me!”

At this point, the other man runs toward the other victim and pulls the photo from his hand.

The two men then stand in the street and talk for a few seconds.

The police officers appear in the video and try to calm the two men down.

When the victim finally gets up, he screams again and tells them that he has been kidnapped.

He then starts running towards the nearby city of Jiddah, where police are standing nearby.

The bystander then runs to stop the attacker.

He starts to run, but stops when he sees the suspect’s hands behind his back.

The suspect, who was dressed in a black mask, then starts to scream at the bystander.

At this time, the bystandor runs up to the man with the photo and asks him to hand over the photo.

The other man replies, “No.”

The bystandor then tells the man to “stop.”

At this moment, the attacker starts to shout: “Stop talking to me!

I am the one who killed you.”

The man yells, “You don’t have a job.

I killed you.

Stop lying to me!”

The bystanders replies, “…and I’m a free man now!”

At the end of the video the two bystanders are taken away by police.

The attacker then walks off, but the bystanders tell the police that they will be filing a complaint.

The investigation is ongoing.

A Saudi Arabian official told The Associated Press that the man was the owner of a tourist attraction, but did not identify the place.

The Associated Statesman reports that the suspect is a former employee of the city who has been living in the United Arab Emirates for some time.

The attack comes just days after a Saudi court convicted a local activist, Salman al-Nashiri, for killing two Saudi women in a suspected revenge attack on the royal family.

He was released on bail, but was later charged with “inciting public disorder.”

Saudi Arabia’s antiquity department said in a statement that the attack “violated basic principles of human dignity and sanctity of life, and breached the prohibition against the destruction of objects in historical or cultural heritage.”

The kingdom’s antiquites department also issued a statement saying that the incident “could have resulted in a significant number of casualties and damage to the city and its antiquities.”

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