China says it won’t take US hostages in Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping says he won’t allow the United States to “purchase the rights of any country, or group of countries” and says the island is “a country for the Chinese people”.

He is responding to a request from President Donald Trump, who is visiting Beijing this week for the annual summits of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China.

Mr Trump has said he will not be returning to the island of Taiwan for a third time.

But he has also suggested that he might be open to a meeting with President Xi if China’s “relationship with Taiwan are good”.

Mr Xi said he had not heard Mr Trump’s comments but added: “If there is a need to have contact with the Chinese side on certain issues, such as the Taiwan issue, that would be an important opportunity to discuss such issues.”

A spokesman for Mr Xi did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

The US is one of the world’s largest economies and a key ally of Taiwan, which has an uneasy relationship with Beijing, which is a staunch ally of the US.

The issue has been one of Mr Trump ‘s most important foreign policy issues in the past several months.

A US administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Mr Trump had been in contact with Mr Xi and had not made a formal offer to return to Taiwan.

Mr Xi, who has made the island a cornerstone of his political rise, is expected to visit the island on Sunday.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is expected on Sunday to address a crowd of tens of thousands at the National Theatre in Taipei, the most important venue for the event.

The president is expected for the first time to address the crowd at a state dinner in Beijing.

“I look forward to holding talks with President Tsien, and I hope the two leaders will find ways to improve the political, economic and security situation on the island,” Mr Xi is expected the president, a political novice who took power in 2012, said in a televised address on Sunday evening.

“We will make a new beginning.”

The comments were made just days after the president said he could “totally relax” on the Taiwan-US relationship if the United Nations Security Council endorsed his plan to declare Taiwan a sovereign country, which would open the door for the return of the two countries to formal diplomatic relations.

“The Taiwan-U.S. relationship is at a very good stage,” Mr Trump said on Friday.

“It is a very special relationship and I am very, very happy that we have been able to achieve so much over the last decade and so many years, but we have to get on with our lives.”

The president said China had a “very special relationship” with the United Kingdom and that it was a “great success” that it had not been taken over by the Chinese Communist Party.

The United States has maintained an “open mind” on Taiwan, but has not formally recognised it as a separate country.

Taiwan is also a British territory but it has never been a full member of the United Commonwealth of Nations.

Mr Tsai has been trying to strengthen ties with China after Beijing imposed economic sanctions on Taiwan last year, accusing it of harbouring communist sympathisers.

The Chinese government has said it has no intention of withdrawing the economic measures but would welcome a return to normal relations.

The latest Chinese diplomatic push comes as Taiwan has suffered an increase in border clashes, with two Chinese border guards killed in an incident in southern China last week.

The standoff between China and Japan has been blamed for at least 14 deaths in recent months.

Taiwan had been expecting more such clashes, but on Sunday night the island was bracing for more.

It was already on edge after Japanese forces reportedly fired warning shots in a skirmish on Monday.

Mr Obama on Saturday condemned the “unacceptable” shooting by the Japanese.

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