When ‘the internet’ becomes the ‘internet of things’

On Friday, Google and Alibaba announced they were merging their search engine and commerce companies.

Alibaba’s search engine is a joint venture with Google, and the company’s commerce business is called Alibaba.

The new Alibaba would be a platform that connects commerce and search to users and businesses, including the sale of goods and services, among other things.

The merger comes as Google and other tech giants seek to leverage their own services to bring online commerce to consumers and businesses.

Alibaba has been working with Google to build an infrastructure for online commerce, including a network of self-driving cars, smart home products and mobile payments.

Alibaba recently invested $1 billion in Google, with a view to eventually building out its own Google Fiber network.

The deal was announced on Alibaba’s blog.

The two companies said they would be collaborating on building “the world’s largest ecosystem of online commerce and digital commerce.”

The announcement comes after months of negotiations between the two companies.

It was the first time Alibaba has formally entered the marketplace for the purchase of Google’s business.

Alibaba was looking to buy Google’s search and advertising business in 2017, but Google and others refused to sell it.

Alibaba, in turn, refused to give up its search business.

The company is in talks with Alphabet to help it develop a new search engine, and Alibaba wants to partner with Google on its shopping and payments business.

Google said in February that it would no longer allow Alibaba to sell its search engine business, and that Google would stop selling it to Alibaba, which has a $600 billion market cap.

Alibaba bought Google for $1.3 billion in June, and Google is a big investor in Alibaba.

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