How to start your new life as a Buddhist in Saudi Arabia

The Islamic kingdom is the largest producer of silk in the world and the largest consumer of oil in the Middle East.

The Islamic state has its own unique culture, and for a while it looked like a model for Buddhism in the Muslim world.

But since the beginning of the Arab Spring, the Saudi government has begun to relax its strict restrictions on religious freedom, loosening restrictions that had previously prevented non-Muslims from entering the kingdom.

The kingdom is now a more tolerant place, and some of the more enlightened leaders of the kingdom, like Prince Mohammed bin Salman, are willing to admit that Islam is no longer the only religion there is.

The kingdom is also moving toward accepting the Tibetan Buddhist faith.

It is the latest in a string of major changes in Saudi policy since the Arab spring, which began in 2011 with a popular uprising against autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

In response, Saudi Arabia launched a massive military campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the Saudis have since expanded the war against the Houthis and other pro-government rebels to include a campaign in Yemen.

But the country has also opened its doors to a growing number of non-Muslim religious minorities in the kingdom as the government of King Salman tries to promote the country’s secular values and revive its struggling economy.

“We are open to the development of Buddhism, even if the new religion does not reflect our values,” Saudi Minister of Religious Affairs Abdulaziz Al-Amin told The Jerusalem News.

“But it is our duty to support the religious freedoms of others.

And this is the same as we support the freedom of others to practice their religion and not to impose their views on us.””

We welcome them,” he added, saying that the kingdom has already begun to see a “huge increase” in the number of Buddhist pilgrims who have traveled to Saudi Arabia in the past year.

Some of the new Buddhist arrivals have also started to return to the kingdom from neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and other parts of Africa.

In addition, the government has opened the country to Buddhism from the West, a move that has drawn widespread criticism from some Muslim clerics in the country.

“It is not right to convert others to Buddhism and convert them to Islam,” Sheikh Ali al-Naimi, a Buddhist monk in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, told The Israel Project.

“We cannot accept the changes that have taken place.”

King Salman has also sought to draw in more non-Sunni Muslims.

Last year, the kingdom announced that it would open up to non-religious groups, such as Christians and Jews, on par with Muslims.

He has also said he will grant them the same rights as the Saudi citizens who can apply for citizenship.

In recent months, the number and types of religious institutions in the Saudi kingdom have also expanded, including a number of temples.

In addition to offering services, the new temples are now known for offering classes and for hosting conferences.

“There are many more religious institutions now, and they have been growing at a very rapid pace,” said Abdulla al-Dhahab, an associate professor at the Saudi Institute of Islamic Studies.

“In recent years, we have seen a lot of the Buddhist community joining the ranks of these institutions.

But in some cases, they have not been able to access the facilities they need, and many of them are still struggling.””

I think that the government is moving to create an environment that is conducive for a lot more Buddhists to enter Saudi Arabia,” Dhahab added.

“There are already a lot, but they are not yet in full control of the institutions.”

While some of these new Buddhist institutions have begun to open, others have yet to open their doors to outsiders.

The government has closed some of them and is considering more closures, and has yet to confirm if new Buddhist temples will open to outsiders at all.

The ministry has also barred all visitors to the country from entering for two weeks, and a temporary ban has been placed on visiting foreign dignitaries and the media.

The Saudi government is also trying to limit religious freedoms and public worship by banning the public distribution of the Quran, a practice the kingdom had long banned.

“They are trying to restrict freedom of expression,” Dhab said.

“It’s an absolute violation of the fundamental rights of the Muslim community.”

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