Which of the new Silk Road Silk Road 2.0 countries will be able to join?

A new report suggests that the first Silk Road countries to join the world’s most popular cybercrime network, the Black Market Reloaded, may be China.

The report was published on Wednesday by the cybersecurity firm Symantec and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 

The report said that the new Black Market Silk Road was created by Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested last year in the United States on charges related to the Silk Road, and is intended to facilitate criminal transactions between nations, the researchers said.

It also noted that Silk Road 3.0, which Ulbritt was the administrator of before his arrest, will have no legal status in the Black Markets Reloaded network. 

“Although we did not have any information about the details of the planned expansion of the Silkroad 2.x domain, we did note that the domain will remain in use for other purposes,” Symantech said in a statement.

“While the Blackmarket Reloaded 2.2 domain was not specifically mentioned in the report, we are aware of other potential new domains in the network.”

Symantect’s report says that the site was originally created in 2013 and was recently upgraded to be able process and store bitcoins.

It said that Silkroad is still in active development.

“As the current Silk Road will only operate as a single site and will not have a central server, Silk Road is unlikely to scale to new users and we estimate that only a small percentage of Silk Road users will have access to the network,” Symamp said.

“Furthermore, as of today, the majority of the site’s users are either still in China or have moved on to other projects.

The remaining users in China have moved to other countries, and they are not currently in contact with Silk Road. 

Symantec said that it will continue to monitor the network and report on developments.

A Silk Road user in China told Reuters that the Chinese government has been pressuring the U.S. to stop selling illegal drugs and that Ulbrich’s arrest has given them hope that the world can move beyond the Silk Roads.”

We are hopeful that the U!


will listen to China’s demands, as it was one of the reasons behind the SilkRoad 2.5 site being launched in China,” the user said.

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