How to get the best CT250s from Kashgar Silk Road

Silk Road has announced its newest model, the CT250, with a range of new features including a new colour scheme and a new price.

The CT250 is the most expensive CT250 ever to be launched on the market.

The price tag is more than double that of the previous model, which sold for $1,199.

The CT250 was first introduced at CES last year, and has been available since then for a limited time.

The new colourway is called “Lime” and will come in four different shades: black, grey, green and white.

The silver colour option is exclusive to the CT500 and CT600 models.

The new silver colour is only available to those who pre-ordered the Silver edition, and is available for pre-orders until the end of September.

The Silver edition of the CT650 has been released.

The Black edition is the same price as the CT450, and the Grey edition is just $499.

The Silver edition is available to pre-order now, and will be available to purchase from the end the month.

The Grey edition will go on sale in mid-September.

The colour of the silver version is also different from the other CT250 models.

This is because of a different, exclusive material, which is used to produce the silver colour.

This material is the high carbon alloy.

The carbon is more dense than a standard alloy, which means it does not melt when exposed to sunlight.

It is also the most durable material known to man.

It is a bit difficult to see from this photo, but the silver colours have a much higher contrast than the other models.

It looks more like a metal, and looks very dark compared to the silver of the Silver editions of the other four models.

If you are not sure which silver colour you want, you can always order it from KSA.

It will cost you $299 for a Silver edition.

If all you want is a silver edition, you will have to pay $349 for a Black edition.

This price will be identical to the Black edition, except it will also be available for $499 for Black.

If you do not want to pay the Black version of the cost, then you can just buy the Black model for $449, which will be the same as the Black Edition.

This new model has been tested by the team at KSA, and they have been able to get it running on their machines in the labs.

Kashgar will also launch the new Silver edition in mid September, and it will come with a special KSA stamp.

This stamp is not available to all of KSA’s customers, but it will be sold to anyone who has pre-purchased a Silver Edition from KS for $249.

This means that it will only be available on KSA servers for preorder, and you will only have access to the Silver Edition when it is launched.

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